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American Dream Girl: Annabelle Rogers

Posted on August 31, 2018 by KeViN in
American Dream Girl: Annabelle Rogers

"I love the power my cleavage has," Annabelle Rogers said. Power is the right word. With her stunning face and buxom body, Annabelle has the power to turn the male brain into oatmeal. "I love the attention. It makes me feel empowered, feminine and unique."

Annabelle has some fetishes and fantasies that are difficult to guess because of her wholesome, fresh-faced look. Among them are public disgracing, jerk off encouragement and male humiliation. Her internet name is AnnabelleCums, "Classy gal with a dirty mouth." She loves sucking on her nipples and bouncing and swinging her heavy, natural 36H boobs.

"For masturbation, I love watching sex and just rubbing my pussy. For foreplay, I love boob sucking and getting fingered, then tasting my pussy juice on his finger."

See More of Annabelle Rogers at SCORELAND.COM!

Young dude fucks Payton's ass

Posted on June 22, 2018 by KeViN in
Young dude fucks Payton's ass

We're finding out that 46-year-mature divorcee Payton Parker likes 'em young. In her first scene for, Payton fucked a 29-year-mature. Here, she seduces a 26-year-mature who's renting a room in her house. She sucks and fucks his dick, then she invites him to jam his hard rod deep in her milf butt. And after he's drilled her butt in a variety of positions, she opens her mouth for his cum.

"young guys are sexy and they can keep up with me," said Payton, whose biggest age gap before she came to us was when she was 36 and fucked a 21-year-mature. "They make me feel young, too."

Payton has worked at an airport, in a nursing home and loading trucks. She's also been a stripper, which explains why she was so comfortable taking off her clothes and showing off her sexy body. Taking the leap to sex was the next natural step.

"My wildest sexual encounter was at a sex store," said Payton, who lives in Washington. "I was with a male friend, and a stranger came in the booth with us while another guy put his penis through a hole in the wall. Both of the guys in the booth took turns screwing me while I sucked off the guy who stuck his dick through the hole. I swallowed his load while the two guys in the booth came all over my face and body. It was very sexy."

Payton loves the great outdoors, so she lives in the right state. She likes dates in which the man plans everything. She's not a nudist. She's not a swinger. She loves cum on her face. Sounds like a bukkake kind of woman, although she's never had one.

And when we asked her if she likes anal sex, she said, "Yes, on days my butt says, 'Yes.'"

On this day, her butt said, "Yes, come on in!"

See More of Payton Parker at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

When the Camera Comes On, The Real Karina Comes Out!

Posted on June 10, 2018 by KeViN in
When the Camera Comes On, The Real Karina Comes Out!

Karina once told us, "When I'm out in public, I wear just a simple top, usually black so as not to draw too much attention to my tits. If I wear light colors, then it makes my tits that much more enhanced. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on if I want to attract attention. If I want to attract attention, I will wear a low-cut blouse or something tight, although most tops are tight on me because of my tits. Then some jeans and sneakers. I am very casual." Here, Karina goes for the casual look. And, yes, she's wearing black. And, yes, her tits look as big as ever. Maybe bigger because Karina has gone for one of the looks we love: sweater tucked under her bra, achieving the boob-shelving effect that tit-men love. Karina also once told us, "I like to show off and play and be very outgoing, so when I am modeling, it is very natural. I really do not think about whether I am good or bad in front of the camera. I think that sometimes in my private life, I can be very shy, and when the camera goes on, the real Karina comes out!" Karina's real boobs really come out in these photos and the movie. When it comes to Karina's chest, there's just no hiding it. But who would want to?

See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!

Cody loves it!

Posted on April 15, 2018 by KeViN in
Cody loves it!

Cody Lovett is 45 years mature. She's a milf. She's worked in the medical profession for a good part of her life. She used to be in the Israeli army. She's only five feet tall and weighs 98 pounds. Basically, she's a tight little piece of butt. And today, she's going to make her debut by sucking and screwing a big dick and getting her pretty face glazed.

"I'm nervous," said Cody, who was born in Michigan and lives in South Florida.

She doesn't look nervous, not when she has a dick in her mouth, not when she's riding the young dick and tucking a finger inside her butthole.

Besides, why should Cody be nervous? After all...

"I once had sex in a bomb shelter. I lost my virginity in a bomb shelter in Israel. It was amazing."

Cody is amazing. She enjoys having sex with younger men. She has a perfectly shaved pussy. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here. And although she isn't a nudist in public, when she's home, she watches TV nude and eats nude.

Cody does nude very well.

See More of Cody Lovett at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Newcomer Lana Vegas gets DP'd

Posted on March 02, 2018 by KeViN in
Newcomer Lana Vegas gets DP'd

Lana Vegas, a 41-year-mature, big-titted blonde milf from Germany, makes her debut by getting DP'd every which way by two very lucky studs. In most of this scene, Lana has a dick in her pussy and her butt at the same time (including while she's standing up), and she likes it that way.

By the way, Lana is married, and neither of these guys are her husband.

Before she decided to become a sex star, stunning Lana owned a public relations agency. She could teach most people a thing or two about public relations. Her relations with these two guys are very effective. She achieves the goals of making herself cum and then making them cum all over her face and big, fake boobs. After they've fucked all of her tight holes, of course.

"I've been a swinger for about 20 years," Lana said. "My wildest experience was with six girls and just two guys. It was crazy!"

Lana is into doing wild and crazy things. She likes much-younger guys. She enjoys having "kinky encounters in sex and wellness clubs." She loves being watched while having sex.

"That's why I enjoy doing sex," said Lana, who says nobody she knows would be surprised to see her here.

Even doing this?

"Especially doing this!" she said.

See More of Lana Vegas at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

One of Britain's Best

Posted on February 22, 2018 by KeViN in
One of Britain's Best

One of the best built-girls of the 1980s, and in fact, any decade, Debbie Jordan enjoyed major popularity with readers and photographers at a time when the public-at-large had zero contact with models unless the girls were also nightclub dancers. Today's cyber-universe has changed the landscape as far as that goes.

If you went to England's news shops back in the day and looked up at the top shelf where the girlie magazines were racked, you would have seen the many times Debbie was a covergirl. She sold magazines.

Only 4'11" tall with 41-inch perfect tits and areolas, Debbie made her magazine modeling debut in 1984 at the age of 23. She was a smash. To quote Debbie, "I think the reason I'm popular is that I appeal to the father instincts in a lot of men. I have a rather girlish figure and small frame except for my boobs." We can think of many other reasons for her immense popularity.

As Debbie matured over the years, the inevitable happened. It can go either way with a girl. Some will gain weight all over, others will lose weight, taking breast mass with it. This cycle makes the most dedicated, drooling photographers of female chest flesh weep. Debbie started to shed her baby-phat and her boobs began to get smaller as her figure slimmed down. This is another reason why the best age range to find and film big-boobed girls is when they are between the ages of 18 and 30, although some shooters might say 18 to mid-20s.

See More of Debbie Jordan at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

Sex On The Beach

Posted on February 12, 2018 by KeViN in
Sex On The Beach

It's a stunning day on Grand Bahama Island, a stunning day to spend on the beach, relaxing on the white sand, feeling the ocean breeze, gazing out across the turquoise Bahamian waters. A wonderful day to have your cocked sucked by Arianna Sinn and to fuck her big naturals and shaved pussy. Yes, that's what island life is all about!

This is Arianna's third hardcore scene on, but it's the first that takes place in a totally public location, a place where anyone could have walked by and seen her in action. It just so happened that nobody walked right past where Arianna and J-Mac were screwing, but we did spot a few people watching from a distance with binoculars. They couldn't take their eyes off her.

"I like being watched," Arianna revealed. "I saw those people, too. It made it more exciting for me."

As if sucking and screwing in the ocean and on the beach in the middle of the day isn't exciting enough. Little by little, Arianna is definitely getting kinkier.

See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

Best Chest In The Southwest

Posted on February 06, 2018 by KeViN in
Best Chest In The Southwest

There's no crying over spilt milk when Milly Marks pours a glass of moo-juice all over her heavenly boobs, and that's just a taste of what the brunette stunner does in this boobs-a-bouncin' rack-o-rama.

"I get extra-horny when a guy watches me play with my boobs and pussy," Milly said. That's a coincidence. We get extra-horny when we see Milly play with her boobs and pussy too.

"If time were frozen for 24 hours and I could do anything I wanted, I'd have a lot of sex with someone I'm very into, in a foreign place and probably in public. Nothing is sexier than having sex in a public place."

Milly is a compliment magnet.

"People usually compliment me on my eyes or my boobs, which is very sweet. I've been told often that I have bedroom eyes. But a lot of people who get the chance to know me compliment my brain and I love that more than anything. I think there's no such thing as a bad compliment unless it's just creepy or inappropriate."

See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!

Cute Lil' Bunnie

Posted on January 11, 2018 by KeViN in
Cute Lil' Bunnie

Bunnie is different.

She is the face of the modern-day teen. Bunnie's tastes are eclectic and unusual, from futanari (japanese hermaphrodite comic sex) and femdom to lezzie licking and tickle play.

You are very interesting, Bunnie. Tell us some kinky details about yourself.

"Well, I love to have my face between a woman's thighs and vice versa! I also love the cowgirl position. It allows me to control the pace and tease a man by moving slowly and gyrating my hips. I also love the basic missionary position. It lets me see the pleasure on his face and feel his whole body and his skin against mine. I've had lots of public sex--in my high school courtyard, various classrooms and in cars. public restrooms, parks, behind office buildings. Everywhere! I can also make myself squirt when I cum."

See More of Bunnie Hughes at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Mallory makes her man later for work

Posted on December 25, 2017 by KeViN in
Mallory makes her man later for work

Mallory Taylor, a 40-year-mature divorcee and milf, convinces her man to have sex with her before he leaves for work. It doesn't take much convincing, not with her sexy body and really nice butt. Once she puts her hand on his crotch, it's game over and time to call in late.

"People wouldn't be surprised to see me here," said Mallory, who lives in Michigan. "They accept and approve whatever I like, which is lots of sex."

We're sure you'll notice that Mallory's pussy isn't shaved all the way. She keeps a little bit of hair on it.

"It makes me feel more womanly than being completely bald," she said.

Mallory has sex at least three times a week and masturbates when she needs to satisfy herself. Her fantasy is to have public sex, and eating her pussy is the best way to make her cum.

"I love it when a man passionately licks my pussy and sucks on my pussy. I think it's extremely erotic for me to cum all over a man's face while he licks me."

Here, Alex doesn't eat Mallory's pussy because, well, he's late for work. Besides, Mallory gets so turned on by sucking his dick that she wants it inside her pussy as soon as possible, and what man is going to say no to that? What man is going to say no to Mallory? None we know.

See More of Mallory Taylor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Hot MILF Misti and Jan

Posted on November 17, 2017 by KeViN in
big boobed 42 year mature Misti gets her mature pussy plugged outdoors
Mature Women Exposing Their Aged Naked Body
.. to watch the other images from sexy milf Misti and Jan click here

Are you looking for sweet older women exposing their aged nude body or engaging in some sex action? Then All Over 30 is just the right place to be!!

Lucy's Yoga Pants Workout

Posted on May 03, 2017 by KeViN in
Lucy's Yoga Pants Workout

We could have watched Lucy Lenore work out for hours. "My favorite sport is Roller Derby. I love the fact that it's a hardcore contact sport dominated by women in crazy outfits!" Lucy said.

"I live a fairly active lifestyle. I spend a good amount of time outdoors hiking, kayaking, camping. Fun stuff like that. I'm never gonna be able to dedicate myself to a gym or anything. I'm not that self-disciplined. I'm too used to always doing whatever I want."

XLGirls: Some models have said that they like doing sex because it's no-strings sex, no drama and they can let their fantasies rip. Do you find this to be true with you?

Lucy: I think that is something that definitely drew me to it, but with only a couple scenes under my belt and my sexual tastes being really extreme, I haven't really found that to be true, yet. But it was a way for me to broaden my mind and body and that always makes me happy! I hope I have the opportunity to do a lot more fetish in the future. I'm into a lot of fetishes. I'm really into BDSM and used to have a Dom where we were almost always in a dominant-submissive role together.

XLGirls: Do you masturbate when you watch sex? What's your favorite kind of sex?

Lucy: I do watch sex when I masturbate, like fifty-percent of the time. And I like really kinky sex. I have a lot of fetishes, the dirtier the better.

See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!

Hot MILF Charli Shay

Posted on October 28, 2016 by KeViN in
Petite 41 year mature Charli Shay waters her mature pussy outdoors
Mature Women Exposing Their Aged Naked Body
.. to watch the other images from sexy milf Charli Shay click here

Are you looking for sweet older women exposing their aged nude body or engaging in some sex action? Then All Over 30 is just the right place to be!!

Guess What? I'm A BBW Porn Star!

Posted on October 26, 2016 by KeViN in
Guess What? I'm A BBW Porn Star!

Tarzan finds out that Porsche Dali is a plumper sex star and has many credits at XL Girls. The fact that he doesn't watch big girl sex doesn't mean he's a bad person, just a guy we feel sorry for. He shows up at Porsche's place with a copy of XLGirls magazine. Now he's curious about the whole thing and a little intrigued by how it all works. He wonders if he could get to be male talent. Porsche offers to coach him and he eagerly and naturally accepts.

XL Girls: Porsche, do you have a sex bucket list?

Porsche: A three-way with two boys or two girls would be great. I'm an anal virgin. One of these days I plan on trying it, so you can definitely add that to the bucket list.

XL Girls: What about sex in public away from the camera?

Porsche: My first experience was in public but there was nobody around. But I have been at a party before and fucked somebody on a trampoline in front of everyone. sex on a trampoline is so much fun.

XL Girls: You like it when guys fuck your boobs?

Porsche: I can give a good titty-fuck. I use lots of slobber. A girl has to squeeze her boobs together really tight to make it a good titty-fuck.

An XL Girls member named Gap wrote, "This girl is one of the best BBWs of the last 10-15 years. Her sex drive is amazing. She is a true performer and so pretty."

See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!

Wet Velvet

Posted on October 12, 2016 by KeViN in
Wet Velvet

Velvet was born in Mexico in 1970. Now she lives in sunny SoCal where this 5'8", 135-pound babe likes to fuck strangers in public.

"I consider myself to be an exhibitionist," Velevet told us. "The first time I had sex was in the back seat of a car in the parking lot of a store. People would walk near the car and I'd make sure to moan extra loud so that they could hear me getting fucked.

"I'm dating a guy who doesn't mind sharing me with other men. That works out well because the hottest thing in the world is watching another girl suck his dick and drain his balls. It's great that we can go out with another couple and swap partners without even an ounce of jealousy."

See More of Velvet at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Wet & Wild!

Posted on September 08, 2016 by KeViN in
Wet & Wild!

Lily is an 18-year-mature with a long list of fetishes, but we'll get into that in a minute.

Here's a little background on this firecracker. She was born January 16, 1998. She's 5'1", weighs 92 lbs., and wears a 32B-cup bra. She's a dress size 00 and wears a size 5 shoe. She likes going to movies with her firends and having sex with people she's not supposed to. She once fucked her assistant manager in the boss's office. She wants to screw a big black guy, but she hasn't had the opportunity yet. She never goes anywhere without a vibrator in her purse, and she can make herself cum from clitoral stimulation in under five minutes.

Now let's get into her fetishes. She loves showing off in public. "I'm definitely a flasher," she told us. And I love taking straight girls and m aking them question their sexuality. "I once made the pastor's daughter eat me out in her parent's living room," Lily gushed. "And I'm starting to get into piss play. I love how warm it feels, and I especially love peeing on a guys dick before he fucks me with it."

When we heard that Lily likes to get wet, we set her up with a clear chair and a big glass of water. Put on your ponchos, boys. You're about to get soaked!

See More of Lily Jordan at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Look! No Hands!

Posted on August 29, 2016 by KeViN in
Look! No Hands!

Christy loves being outdoors when she is in Miami. She loves the weather and the sunshine and that she can wear whatever she wants (or nothing at all) and spend the day outside. Needless to say, the whole 'you can dress her up, but you can't take her anywhere' saying applies here. We dressed Christy up for a nice dinner and told her to wait on the balcony for 10 minutes so we could gather up our things and head out. About two minutes in the breeze and sun was all it took before Christy was hollering for us to whip out or cameras. She wanted to be nude in the great weather she said and proceeded to give us a windblown, sex-kitten look. How could we say no to that? Our favorite part was when we hauled out this seat and she twisted herself into one of her amazing fuck-pretzel poses and then showed us how she could work a toy without any hands. Oh, Christy. You are so talented and bendy. How could we not fall in love with you every time we see you nude?

See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!

Hot MILF Misti and Jan

Posted on July 12, 2016 by KeViN in
42 year mature Misti takes a younger dick deep outdoors at the park
Mature Women Exposing Their Aged Naked Body
.. to watch the other images from sexy milf Misti and Jan click here

Are you looking for sweet older women exposing their aged nude body or engaging in some sex action? Then All Over 30 is just the right place to be!!

Molly Maracas - A British cougar named Molly

Posted on April 20, 2016 by KeViN in
A British cougar named Molly

We don't get a lot of British MILFs, but here's one for you: Molly Maracas is a 51-year-mature divorcee from London, England. She has a really nice body. It's curvy but tight. Molly measures 36-24-34, which is impressive at any age. She looks tall because of her long legs, but she's actually 5'4". And she knows she's sexy. When she goes out for the day, she wears short skirts with stockings and heels. All the men check her out, and she likes that, too.

Molly's boobs are really nice. Her mouth is good at sucking dick. Her pussy is tight and right. So said our stud, who enjoyed screwing Molly's cunt and cumming all over her face. Wouldn't you?

"People who know me won't be surprised to see me here," Molly said. "They know I'm adventurous. This is just the kind of thing they'd expect me to do."

Molly is a nudist. She's also a swinger. She became one eight years ago. Her wildest time was when she had sex in a public sauna. People were watching, and Molly didn't mind. In fact, she liked it.

She'll like it even more if you tell her what you did while looking at her pictures.

See More of Molly Maracas at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

Honey White - From amateur to porn MILF

Posted on March 11, 2016 by KeViN in
From amateur to porn MILF

Back in 2007, Honey White was a 32-year-mature amateur who posed a few times for and then went back to her regular life. She didn't fuck on-camera.

But she's back, she's 41 years mature and, this time, she's screwing.

"I love being watched," Honey said. "Knowing I'm being watched brings out the wild side in me."

Honey is married with one grown child who's out of the house.

"No grandchildren, but I'm ready," Honey said. "I'd make a sexy granny."

She already makes a sexy milf. She became an nudist when her kid moved. She's a swinger. She's 40something and sowing her wild oats.

"My wildest swinging experience?" Honey said. "My honeymoon!"

Honey once had sex in a party bus going down the strip in Las Vegas, where she lives (she's from Arkansas). She says the people who know her know she's an exhibitionist. She enjoys cooking and spending time in the great outdoors. She's 5'4", 128 pounds with a sexy body. Now show some love for Honey.

See More of Honey White at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Raquel Ritz - Puttin' the cum on the Ritz

Posted on November 30, 2015 by KeViN in
Puttin' the cum on the Ritz

Meet Raquel Ritz, a 40-year-mature wife and mother of two teenagers who's here getting fucked on-camera for the first time. She brought her husband along, too. He got to watch. Raquel got to fuck.

These photos prove that Raquel Ritz looks better when she sitz on a dick.

Okay, enough with the stupid humor. Let's get to know Raquel. She's a little one at 5'2". She's from Pennsylvania. She found us on the Internet. She said the people who know her best would be surprised to see her here.

"I am conservative in public," she said.

She's not conservative behind closed doors. She's a swinger. She likes to watch her husband fuck other women. He likes to watch her fuck other men. Raquel loves gangbangs. She likes to have a thick dick in her pussy while she fingers her pussy. She once fucked a 21-year-mature. Peter, the guy she's sucking and screwing here, is 22.

Enjoy Raquel. There's lots more to come.

See More of Raquel Ritz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!


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